Fix New Rusmap v 1.8.1

Rebuilding highways Voronezh – Moscow, Moscow – St. Petersburg
It is necessary to replace the map and def files.
For game version 1.34



9 Responses to Fix New Rusmap v 1.8.1

  1. klim-voron says:

    Изменения заметны,очень!! Наконец,Москва обзавелась полноценной кольцевой!! Появились объездные дороги крупных городов между двух столиц! Но, пропала дорога,от Невеля до Резекне!!

  2. osmanas says:

    virus nice try fake uploader

  3. Zuputo says:

    Schwachsinn hier wird jeder scheiß mod seit einer woche als Virus gemeldet nur wirklich funktionieren bezweifle ich das der mit ROS laufen wird

  4. AlexCrazy says:

    if you see “_MF_” in file name – it’s 100% fake
    don’t download this sh!t

  5. osmanas says:

    that becouse my antivirus blocked directly

  6. ItalianoGT says:

    It works or not because I do not know?

  7. Paul says:

    Гори в аду уё80к загрузивший это вирусное г08н0

  8. JoachimK says:

    1.) forced to disable AdBlocker (I never do that)
    2.) on that Site is Thieves Paradise, never download there

    Google Translate from klim-voron:
    The changes are noticeable, very !! Finally, Moscow acquired a full-fledged roundabout !! There were detours of major cities between the two capitals! But, the road is gone, from Nevel to Rezekne !!

    Sorry, but for me is not a official Fix, because are too much at this Moment. And not DL on or in SCS-Forum. 🙁

  9. Cassio says:

    This solved my problem thank you very much.

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