Fix New Rusmap v 1.8.1

Rebuilding highways Voronezh – Moscow, Moscow – St. Petersburg
It is necessary to replace the map and def files.
For game version 1.34



9 thoughts on “Fix New Rusmap v 1.8.1

  1. klim-voron

    Изменения заметны,очень!! Наконец,Москва обзавелась полноценной кольцевой!! Появились объездные дороги крупных городов между двух столиц! Но, пропала дорога,от Невеля до Резекне!!

  2. virus nice try fake uploader

  3. Schwachsinn hier wird jeder scheiß mod seit einer woche als Virus gemeldet nur wirklich funktionieren bezweifle ich das der mit ROS laufen wird

  4. AlexCrazy

    if you see “_MF_” in file name – it’s 100% fake
    don’t download this sh!t

  5. that becouse my antivirus blocked directly

  6. ItalianoGT

    It works or not because I do not know?

  7. Гори в аду уё80к загрузивший это вирусное г08н0

  8. 1.) forced to disable AdBlocker (I never do that)
    2.) on that Site is Thieves Paradise, never download there

    Google Translate from klim-voron:
    The changes are noticeable, very !! Finally, Moscow acquired a full-fledged roundabout !! There were detours of major cities between the two capitals! But, the road is gone, from Nevel to Rezekne !!

    Sorry, but for me is not a official Fix, because are too much at this Moment. And not DL on or in SCS-Forum. 🙁

  9. This solved my problem thank you very much.

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