Fix “No cargos from EAA to Europe”

no-cargos-1 no-cargos-2

Fix cancels cargos from Brazil to Europe.
Transportations only in the territory of EAA.

EAA Team, SlavikSD


2 thoughts on “Fix “No cargos from EAA to Europe”

  1. Thundersan86

    It does not work…

  2. WarthogCC

    Response to previous post and question for author.

    @Thundersan86, could you be any more vague? Try explaining in detail to be taken seriously.

    @author, Now that EAA is v4.1.2 and ProMods is v2.1.2 for ETS2 1.26, can this still be used? Or do you need to update it? It sounds like a great idea.

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