Fix v 1.0 for TSM v 6.6.2

Playing TSM 6.6.2 I have seen in the gamelog that the map had a fault in the file 2_t_small_5a_oneway_mirr.ppd since the version of this file is old in relation to the version that uses the original map of ETS2.

For this reason here I bring you the updated version of the file 2_t_small_5a_oneway_mirr.ppd

This file must be placed above the file TSM 6.6.2_prefab & more.scs

I have noticed that the previous version of the mod had a bug so I have uploaded this new version immediately in which the bug is corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience



14 Responses to Fix v 1.0 for TSM v 6.6.2

  1. barros says:

    nicht runterladen ist ein fake

  2. Blackwolf83m says:


    • BlackStorm says:

      TSM knows this and has given me permission to modify the map files as long as I do not publish the entire map

    • BlackStorm says:

      If you do not believe me, ask you to Madison TSM that is a member of TSM Team

  3. BlackStorm says:

    *sorry is Maddison_TSM

  4. maddison says:

    Yeah Guys, no problem. Thx BlackStorm for your response 🙂

  5. barros says:

    ja ist gemeldet bei tsm liegt keine erlaubnis vor

    • BlackStorm says:

      It is a fix of the map. I do not see why I can not publish it if it is to fix errors on the map. Also, I am not distributing the entire map just one 30 KB file, and also with the permission of a member of the TSM Team. If you don’t like it, simple do not download it

    • BlackStorm says:

      I’m not copying the all map like other people do (for example Mario map)

  6. Stinga says:

    Thanks Blackstorm for the fix…ignore guys like Barros who seem to just like putting people down without even investigating first.

  7. barros says:

    wenn ihr mir nicht glaubt dann gehe auf die wep seite von tsm dort wird es bestätigt das es nicht von tsm erlaubt ist sowas hochzuladen es ist und bleibt ein fake ist bei tsm schon gemeldet

    • BlackStorm says:

      Again, this file is not false, but think and say what you want, I’m not going to start a ###### war with you, now I say that your profile is false because you don´t have an image 🙂

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