Fixed Pack For Russian Open Spaces v 3.0


Fixed Pack For Russian Open Spaces v 3.0
– High speed on a snow road
– Only default sound (Off turns sounds, included in maps)
– More traffic (file traffic_data.sii placed in a folder def)


DOWNLOAD 28 KB High Speed
DOWNLOAD 21.6 MB No sound
DOWNLOAD 1 KB More traffic

7 Responses to Fixed Pack For Russian Open Spaces v 3.0

  1. Bear6259 says:

    Too bad about the sounds, those the best part of the Russian open spaces map. I guess I’ll have to deal with the slow going in the snow for the sake of sound environment. Personal choice. Good idea though but too bad about the sound issue.

  2. Mike says:

    so these files with the original downloadlink has errors…what is fixed ?

  3. Nelson Burotto says:

    the sound in the snow continue like a dirt road or not?

  4. Zolee says:

    Nice job, nice map!
    One problem: they can not go on snow trucks 🙁
    Solution, proposal?

  5. Dominik Pospíšil says:

    At the roundabout in HAAbIM High Speed doesn´t working :\

  6. serghei says:

    МОРОЗОВ! помоги брат устоновить эту карту как мне правельно зделать

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