Flashing Green At The Traffic Lights


Maud will change traffic lights work.
– The red signal lights up for 30 seconds,
– Yellow lights for 3 seconds,
– Green signal lights for 20 seconds.
Flashing green signal three times at intervals of 5 seconds. Flashing green signal time of 0.5 seconds.

The work of traffic lights in the standby mode, from 00.00 to 04.00 hours.

There are queues at the filling stations.

Test 1.26 on RusMap, EAA, MHAPro, VE



5 thoughts on “Flashing Green At The Traffic Lights

  1. MilanScania

    Can you make green signal flashing faster please? It would be more realistic 🙂 (same speed as yellow at standby mode?)

    1. Можете сами поменять интервал горения света на светафоре на более приемлемый.
      Выделил пример на зелёный цвет

      flare_traffic_light: flare.traffic.green
      ambient_color: (0.0000, 0.0000, 0.0000)
      diffuse_color: (0.0, 0.15632, 0.0)
      specular_color: (0.0, 0.15911, 0.0)

      type: spot

      range: 15.0
      cut_range: 19.0
      inner_angle: 20.0
      outer_angle: 90.0

      pitch_offset: -65

      fade_distance: 200
      fade_span: 100

      active_state: 8
      model: .flare0
      blink_delay_on: 10.0
      blink_delay_off: 0.5
      model_template : .flare0 {
      model_desc: “/model/flare/tr_green.pmd”
      look: default
      variant: default

      1. MilanScania

        #### 😀

  2. AshtheBarron

    You should make a video.

  3. The link from vladimir1203, it is not the author of the mod.
    Autor link https://yadi.sk/d/oevZl8e133rr7u

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