Flatbed Trailer & Cargo Pack


YouTube preview

– There are 5 different load
– Version: 1.21.x
– But it can run on older versions.

Savoyard, furkan61, SCS


8 thoughts on “Flatbed Trailer & Cargo Pack

  1. Volvo mod? Link please 🙂

  2. stand alone or replace some trailer(s) ??

    1. replaces flatbed trailer

  3. Frisianwarrior

    Link of Volvo mod plz?

  4. maxime manon

    Plateau volé a savoyard custom….

  5. Savoyard custom

    or did you get permission? and how did you do for the trailer while the scs closed? Why steal the trailer of the other, you can not create one yourself? top community!

  6. This trailer is not yours …###### delate the link… this trailer is from bora’s pack .hacker…..respect to bora…

  7. Sfj, Bora’s trailer is different and a conversion from the original SCS
    Check axles position…

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