FlatbedEdit by Fhj Transporte, Rias.G Modding 0.5 BETA

A lot of tuning and Cargos

BETA TRAILER Updates comming soon

Fhj Transporte , Rias.G Modding


8 thoughts on “FlatbedEdit by Fhj Transporte, Rias.G Modding 0.5 BETA

  1. trailer to review everything, load off the flatbed, double mudguards and 100 bag defects.

  2. gertrucker

    Download is not worth it!

    Error over error. Double fenders and texture flaws are the most obvious.

    1. AvM Transport

      You can delete the doubled fender!

    2. Rias.G Modding

      Can you read ?

  3. AvM Transport

    Nice idea. Rework it & then it will be a good trailer 😉

  4. good evening, superb mod, just a few touch ups and everything will be fine.
    Thank you, hoping that you will continue to develop it.

  5. spoutnique

    super mod rien a dire pour une beta

    (gertrucker) avent de critiquer apprend a lire la description le mod et en beta

  6. Pretty bad mod, lot of errors, I’ve taken a look inside the mod, file structure etc is also pretty messed up. I wonder that it even works in-game… but well… what do you expect from Fnake…

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