Flatebad SavC v2


Flatbed Trailer with 14 cargo, all standalone and included in traffic. Make 2 link one for 1.18 and the other for 1.19

Kai Spencer, Richard Clarkson, Dylan, Farming Simulator, Scs and Savoyard Custom

DOWNLOAD 46.6 MB Link for 1.18
DOWNLOAD 45 MB Link for 1.19

5 thoughts on “Flatebad SavC v2

  1. Faelandaea

    Sweet. Thanks.

  2. You really need to make proper LOD’s for this trailer so that the wheels don’t disappear at the Lod rendered stage (please actually make a low poly lod and not copy and paste the main large poly model with fake wheels added)

    Also talking of high poly the chep pallets really could do with trimming down as it throws a memory warning

    All in all it’s a very nice pack. would you please also consider some rope and sheeted loads for a future update too?


  3. André Santos

    Hello, you could release a version with only pmg/pmd/pmc blocked? I would not want to see them in traffic and would also want replace the wheels.Thanks and congratulations for the nice mod…
    Sorry for bad english…

  4. BretangeExpress

    PLEASE!!!!!! update to 1.21

    Great Work!!!!!!

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