Food Cistern Silo Trailer


Author: joggi


12 Responses to Food Cistern Silo Trailer

  1. ViewlessMatt says:

    give me link for the skin please … 🙂

  2. Sintra1 says:

    Brutal Skin, it is possible to know the link, please??

  3. willy says:

    yea for me to please

  4. stephane says:

    il serait possible d’avoir le lien du camion q’uil y a sur la photo car il est manifique

  5. FloFo says:

    Pourrait-on avoir le lien du scania SVP ?

  6. Dragjt says:

    please release you Scania R1000, is beatiful please, please please, thanks

  7. Kalsa says:

    It’s private work.

  8. TomaSis says:

    well is a very nice work, it’s a pity you dont share with us but is your call and we must respect that.

    • TomaSis says:

      … and this is a single player game so if you dont share no one will appreciate your work and have fun with it but again its your call.

  9. Sintra1 says:

    Hello to all …
    I wish I had the great talent of some of these our great friends who make excellent mods at this excellent site.
    Well as I said before I do not have that talent to do what we see here, but if I had, I would like to share, and look what I know of what I speak, because if we do a search on the net do not see the work here seen.
    For my thanks and well acted all.
    thank you

  10. Lucas95 says:

    is the trailer compatible with the Rommy_TZ tanker?

  11. HappyF says:

    NO FILE where is the file ????

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