Ford Aeromax | Fixed for 1.39 ETS2/ATS

=====Siebel3D Changes=======
-Fixed Def files to work properly in 1.39 with sound

The truck has high quality interior and exterior models.
The textures are baked.
Some interior elements
Requires SCI Steering wheels DLC mod
Correction of animations for windows, wipers and dashboard indicators
Correcting the camera image from the window on the left
Support for some elements from SiSL interior mods
Requires SiSL Mega Pack

Vladislav Williams, Siebel3D


One thought on “Ford Aeromax | Fixed for 1.39 ETS2/ATS

  1. This truck will not go under and hook up to B-Double trailers.
    It could also use a lot more tuning.
    Fix it up and make it worth getting.

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