Ford Cargo 1832

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A chassis
Many engines
Some customization
Own sound

Credits: Santy3D & Souza SG

Santy3D & Souza SG


6 thoughts on “Ford Cargo 1832

  1. it hasn’t gotten any better with time

  2. error 404

    Only thing what is nice there is sound. Other things sucks especially that this mod will overwriting Man TGX. Why these b..heads can’t make normal standalone mods?

    1. They’re simply lazy, and the Mercedes-Benz one that was made by the same author isn’t any better, either/

      1. andermacg

        Did not like it? Do not use it, the author is from Brazil and these trucks are also not powerful, they are older trucks. Each one does his Mod here (BR), who does not know how to create, convert his own, simply thank. Because it is a free mod for the BR community of the Euro Truck Simulator.


        1. Don’t white knight the author that makes no improvements of any mods. Seriously.

  3. brazillians, stop doing mods, seriously…just give up

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