FORD CARGO 1838T E5 1.44 1.45

It is a very popular and popular truck model in some regions, we tried to make it realistic.
-Chrome parts
-Luminous parts
-Optional tracks
-4 interior options
-Cabin lights
-Realistic leather textures, good games to everyone, please consider the effort, please do not change the link
İnterior edit:M.kaan tuncer umutgulbas
cabin model:MTKRZ
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6 thoughts on “FORD CARGO 1838T E5 1.44 1.45

  1. interior degişince oyundan atıyor 1.44

  2. Virüs algılandı diyor

    1. banada diyo

  3. !! DO NOT DOWNLOAD !! this mod has a bitcoin miner. when extracted it will install a unwanted system and mind bitcoin using your computer. Your computers CPU, GPU, and other things will be taken up making your computer run slowly. DONT DOWNLOAD PLEASE! moderators, please remove this modification.

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – Ford Cargo 1838t (Update 1.44-1.45)

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