Ford Cargo 4 axle


Ford Cargo 4 axle Truck
Replaced Scania Truck
Tested 1.9.22 version

Authors: Selo Kaptan, Alkan


10 thoughts on “Ford Cargo 4 axle

  1. Metin Koç

    sikimin kafaları mod yapmış :AD:ASDASd

    1. ayn la 😀 ama good olmuş .:S:S:S:S

  2. let me guess… brazilian?

    1. @dr_jaymz

      lol XD I thought the same thing dude…

    2. turk belit si nesimtit

  3. Delta_880

    If yer gonna do a Ford… then do the 1976 Ford LTL-9000

  4. Man!!! Whats up with those freaky curtains im sure ford would never do something like it a house or a truck????

  5. Bende senin mantığını sikim ibne yapta konuş oruspunun evladı sallıyor pezevenk

    1. linge-ma-n cur

  6. İnteror var mı? Is ıt has interior ?

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