Ford Cargo 4331


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– Available at the dealership DAF
– 2 types of cabins
– 3 types of chassis
– 6 types of engines
– 3 types of transmissions
– 1 type of interior
– More than 100 accessories
– Tested in version 1.24.x

Souza SG

DOWNLOAD 64 MB [Mirror]

6 thoughts on “Ford Cargo 4331

  1. lol . no comment ha-ha-ha ug gg ly

    1. Hello, the truck is a very similar replica of Ford Cargo 4331 and purchased the real truck work is very beautiful. Link real truck “”

  2. interior texture looks like good. The exterior is much bright IMHO.

    The bodyshell is like brazilian style tuned. Could adds the traditional/normal for who doesn’t like it.

    for who had seen the first version released, this version is a improvement. I’m sure next will be as well (because need)

  3. gulu zula

    There is something wrong with the interior. The a-pillars and windshield angles are too high. When you look at the cab from outside you clearly see the windshield and pillars are more vertical. The side glass shape from internal view doesn’t match the shape from external view… It looks like the interior was badly adapted from a normal car.

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