Ford F-150 SVT Raptor V2.3


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Changes in v2.3
– adaptation fixed 1.20
– fix shadow
– new color to paint
– names fixes

Tested 1.20 version

Elaman, Matroskin, Donetsk_pr


16 Responses to Ford F-150 SVT Raptor V2.3

  1. BahamutX says:


  2. Matroskin says:

    Что за бред?! Как Donetsk_pr сделал изменения если архивы залочены, не качайте этот бред, ждите новую версию, от изначальных авторов:)

    • Curatore says:


      You sick wit , you see that version 1.20 running mod!
      You team at in Russia , and not here!

      rus – lol

  3. goldxn says:

    how to install it ?

    • animo says:

      go to Document — Ets2 — MODS.
      Copy all to Mods
      Go to game — go mod manager — activate — ENJOY

  4. Curatore says:

    v1.20 good! Thanks!

  5. Charlibidou says:

    So much #### on this site these days, there’s no .SCS file and just adding the raw mod (in it’s .RAR folder) to the mod file doesn’t work, the game doesn’t detect the mod, and don’t tell me it’s my technique, I did the same with a mod that I couldn’t find the .SCS file and it worked

    • Curve says:

      You have to extract the file you download. Then there are two files, part 1 and part 2. They SHOULD have been named with .scs extensions, but were named with .zip.

      Simply change the extensions from .zip to .scs, drop both parts in your mod folder and activate both. Worked perfectly fine for me.

  6. Stefan says:

    mod is great, please password 🙂

  7. Ev3R says:

    please what is the password ?

  8. Ev3R says:

    what is the password please ??

  9. Bendoe says:

    The mod is really nice, but the sound is horrible!

  10. Fulano. says:

    What is the password

  11. Crashumup says:

    Give us the password then this will be a good mod until then….. 0 stars!!

  12. Jhoni_48Hz says:

    How to add new paint job to this car?

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