Ford F Max Eemtrans Baarn Skin

/skin for Ford F Max truck, a mod released by a Turkishteam:
Official Website
/skin is based on a corporate colors of a Dutch company: Eemtrans-Baarn B.V.
/It’s not a brand painting. It’s my vision for this truck

/unlock since level 2/price: 2 000 credits
– tested V.1.38.x.xx;
– made using Mods Studio 2

You can share this on other sites
but keep original download link and credits!

Hope you like it!

– SCS Software – this awesome game;
– SimulasyonTURK team – for the truck;
– Marin Malnar – [ATS/ETS, TOOL] Mods Studio 2;
– various textures & fonts from all over the web;
– twings – creating this skin & file.def accessory


2 thoughts on “Ford F Max Eemtrans Baarn Skin

  1. Amazing skin! 🙂 my friend

  2. Thx! 😉

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