FORD F-MAX – Transalliance Skin

Transalliance skin
for the F-MAX truck mod published by SimülasyonTÜRK.

MOD compiled with ModsStudio2:

Link to the truck and accessory pack used in
previewimages available through this link:

SCS Software for the game !
SimülasyonTÜRK for the truck.
ONURKULL for additional accessory pack.


3 thoughts on “FORD F-MAX – Transalliance Skin

  1. Ciao m1keY, sometimes you show up around here,
    for when MS2 is still a little cumbersome, and I’ve noticed that many users have problems.

    1. Hi ?
      any issues with MS2, feel free to join the Discord
      Support 24/7 …well almost ?

      1. Thanks, also Werewolf Customs invited me when I sent him a tutorial, here I had no consent maybe it was not interesting.Excuse me but I don’t use social, if I will do some tutorial or file for MS2 I will post them here and if you find them interesting you are free to share them wherever you want.

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