Ford F Max Tun Pack V1

hi guys:)
in this pack:
+sun shield
+ver chrome(black,white,test)
+paint panel
+paint inlay
+many model of mirror(front and side)
+rear mud_flap
+rear fender
and more…
This version is for your feedback only
Wait for the new version

telegram: y_varna
youtube: yazdan varnaseri

yazdan varnaseri(y_varna) – Metehan BİLAL – Yasin ÇALIM – Ferhat GÜR, OveRTRucK


8 thoughts on “Ford F Max Tun Pack V1

  1. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.34 I Mod ▶️ Ford F Max Tun Pack V1

  2. ScaniaDriverV8StreamLine

    Pls make compatible with sisl mega pack 🙂

  3. Virus archive, don’t download!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nella tua testa sono i virus.
      Controlla il tuo antivirus prima di scrivere cose non vere.
      Riprova ha scaricare.

  4. Ciao OveRTRucK, volevo chiederti se aggiungerai anche finestrini laterali verniciabili.

  5. Thanks for tuning pack and I wished the sun visor could be removable -_-

  6. !چقد کیریه
    Cheqad kirire!
    Great mod

    1. mehrab rjl


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