Ford F-Max v 1.1 [1.35]

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1) Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Version.
2) Two Chassis Available. (Normal – Pony)
3) Various Interior Options Available.
4) True F-Max Engine Sound Available.
5) Real F-Max Indicator (Dashboard) Available.
7) Blue Cabin Lighting Available.
8) Headlight Frame Options Available.
9) Mirror, Door Handle, Blinds Options Are Available.
10) Chrome Pipe Options Are Available.
11) Roller Shutter Led Options Are Available.
12) Bellows Steering Options are available.
13) Sunshade Font Options Available.
14) Rear Mat Options Available.
15) Side Skirt Available.
16) Real Trailer Connection Cables Are Available.
17) Spoiler Options Available.
18) Bedding Options are available.
19) Cabinet DLC Compatibility Available.
20) Sisl Mega Pack DLC Compatibility Available.
21) Piano Black Details Available.

Compatible version: 1.35.x
Note: The vehicle comes out at the mod dealer.


1)Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Versiyonu İle Uyumludur.
2)İki Adet Şasi Mevcuttur. (Normal – Midilli)
3)Çeşitli İnterior Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
4)Gerçek F-Max Motor Sesi Mevcuttur.
5)Gerçek F-Max GÖsterge (Dashboard) Mevcuttur.
7)Mavi Kabin Aydınlatması Mevcuttur.
8)Far Çerçevesi Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
9)Ayna, Kapı Kolu, Panjur Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
10)Krom Boru Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
11)Panjur Led Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
12)Körüklü Direksiyon Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
13)Güneşlik Yazı Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
14)Arka Paspas Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
15)Yan Etek Mevcuttur.
16)Gerçek Dorse Bağlantı Kabloları Mevcuttur.
17)Spoiler Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
18)Yataklık Yazısı Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
19)Kabin DLC Uyumluluğu Mevcuttur.
20)Sisl Mega Pack DLC Uyumluluğu Mevcuttur.
21)Piano Black Detaylar Mevcuttur.

Uyumlu sürüm: 1.35.x
Not: Araç mod bayisinde çıkmaktadır.

Harun Aras, Ferhat Gür, Yasin Çalım, Berkay Pekesen, Erdem Kuzey, Hüseyin Şafak


39 thoughts on “Ford F-Max v 1.1 [1.35]

  1. samurajboss

    Don’t working when i open it with winrar i have only damaged file..

    1. its working perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U are a loser sorry

      1. Why are you making him a loser because he has a winrar error? Jeez

        1. there is no error! he try to open scs file – he dont need to! so he is a loser

          1. samurajboss

            u are turkish loser when i havnt it in any dealer and u cant normal give answer then go make just a kebap bcs u can just kebab makeing

          2. loser go make a kebap

          3. Don’t need to be rude, boy. What’s wrong with trying to open the scs?

    2. ben david brown

      redownload it

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    test Video…

  3. А звук опять не родной, в кабине как в мазе

  4. И лобовое стекло просто ужас глаза вылазят, дороги не видно

  5. Work nice, best sound ! i like it.

  6. ben david brown

    good but please add the real ford turn signal sound

  7. Руслан

    Ооооо ура наконец панель приборов похоже стала!!!! Вот это БОМБА спасибо

  8. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  9. cürümcüler tv

    Ellerinize sağlık detaylar çok güzel olmuş özellikle jant üzerinde ki ALCOA yazısı çok güzel olmuş nacizane elimden geldiği kadarıyla bir video hazırladım umarım beğenirsin
    HD Test Video 1.35 :

  10. hello, I find a problem, when I’m driving with an internal view I see VERY bright and clear, if I move the view outside I see natural colors … is it just my problem?

    1. doexpectnothing

      You’re not the only one. It’s freaking bright. Maybe because i’m using NaturaLux.
      Also the right mirrors aren’t working. When i look to the right, i see the dash gauges in the mirrors.

      1. uninstalled 🙂

  11. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  12. rene van Berkel

    Dealer ??

    1. Mod Dealer

  13. Working perfect,thanks

  14. Мод недоделанный, сырой. Буду ждать Ford Fmax v2.5 Turkish Delight” от “SCS,Blade1974,MetehanB,Ferhat Gur,Yasin Calim” он сырой и то лучше этого

  15. TulipanoGiallo

    please fix front steer wheels because are slightly raised

  16. sorry to say but it’s a serious problem with 3 out of 4 side mirrors, cannot drive the truck and it’s hard locked can’t even open to see where is the conflict.

    waiting the relase of this model instead

  17. sorry to say but it’s a serious problem with 3 out of 4 side mirrors, cannot drive the truck and it’s hard locked can’t even open to see where is the conflict.

    waiting the release of this model instead:

    1. Me too, that mod ( seems to be really good; beside the fact that I don’t like foulmouthed people.

  18. Lonestar_FR

    It doesn’t for me and I don’t find any mod dealer to get the truck.

  19. Stalevarcev

    Test, Stalevarcev!

  20. The Best F-Max ets2 for me ! now need just new frame /Motor/Gearbox and accessories I can wait for this your work is very good no bug like other f-max here 😉

    1. Just remove this ugly sticker on front right
      windshield plzzz 😛

  21. Bodyguardxp

    FORD F-MAX v1.1 – Euro Truck Simulator 2 ?[1.35]

  22. is not working for me, the truck is black and cannot see the dashboard, anything, need to fix it

  23. Dimitris Mylonas

    I don’t have exterior sound !!
    ### ??!

  24. mikehackenbacker

    it needs a uk interior ,one would be nice. thanks

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