Ford F-Max v2 Turkish Delight 1.35

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-Added new Cab Slant
-Added new interior
-Added new Ext İnterior
-Added new 6×2 chasis
-Added new front botomgrill
-Added new front cab grill
-Added new sunshield
-Added new sunvisor
-Added new windframe
-Added new stoneguard
-Added new window trim
-Added new rear bumper
-Added new exhaust bar
-Added new front Fender
-Added new rear Fender
-Added new rear mudflap
-Added new sideskirt
-Added new roofgrill
-Added new curtains
-Added new interior table
-Added new intbacklights
-Adapted Cabin Accessories
-Adapted Window Flags
-Adapted Sisl’s Mega pack
-Adapted Krone&SCH Trailers Fmax skin

Tested 1.35x

Enjoy the mod!
you DON’T have the permission to upload it somewhere else.

Scs,MetehanB,Yasin Calim,Ferhat Gür,Blade1974(Ayhan Tok)


8 thoughts on “Ford F-Max v2 Turkish Delight 1.35

  1. Playable with DX11?

  2. Daf and Scania Tuning on a Ford ????
    Whats a shame ,from turkish kids

    1. Blade1974

      you are very funny

  3. so is der lkw eigendlich nicht schlecht das einzige was mich echt stört ist das Turkish Delight vorne an der scheibe

    1. Blade1974

      dds editierbar wünderbaum Ordner

      1. dann auf 😉

  4. This is the exact same mod that many versions ago, no fixes, tons of errors, barely playable. Avoid at all costs. Hey, we still have hopes to see this truck actually fixed and optimized some day!! :s

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