Ford F-Max V2

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Version 2.0:
* AO baked interior & exterior
* HQ interior and exterior textures
* 3 interiors (grey, black and beige)
* Added plastic side skirts

Specs for F-MAX V1:
-In all dealers
-Accessory options
-Realistic engine and transmission specs
-Advanced trailer connection
-Trailer cables

Metehan BİLAL – Yasin ÇALIM – Ferhat GÜR, OveRTRucK


39 thoughts on “Ford F-Max V2

  1. please,make real wipers

  2. mor chassis 6×4,6×2,8×2,8×4 and bdf tandem chassis please

    1. Gurkan Unver

      this truck was released as 4×2.

  3. Thanks Guys but Why you didn’t zip the mod

  4. google crome de hata verıyo ındırmıyor tehlıkelı dıyor neden

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. Axoman Gaming YT

    Awesome mod, keep up the great work.
    Test video/ showcase –

  7. licinio costa

    Template please

    1. in v1 zip

  8. Awesome mod, keep up the great work.
    Test video/ showcase –

  9. Baba naptınız siz yaa 😀 Süpersiniz vallahi teşekkürler paylaşım için.

  10. the steering wheel is not equal to rotation by 900 degrees

  11. karsiyakali1912


  12. Руслан


  13. the model improved a lot from the version, however now it weighs too much considering that it has 1 cabin, 1 chassis, and few accessories, also gives lag every time you change the interior. I can not avoid comparing it with a truck like daf 95ati, which has 4 cabins, several chassis and more accessories and occupies less than 20mb. Please try to optimize the size

    1. AzoraxModdingGaming

      more polygons = higher quality model = higher model size

      1. It is true but I give you another example, Scania T and R / S by RJL, two trucks that have a variety of chassis and cabins, a lot of personalization, excellent quality, and is smaller than this truck that only has one cabin and one chassis

        1. those Scania are highly compressed, their real size is up to 1 Gb

          1. This truck is also compressed, and as I said in the first comment every time you select an interior design the game is paralyzed for a moment to load, which does not happen with the trucks mentioned above

      2. One thing is to add more detail KNOWING WHAT YOU DOING, this means knowing how to optimize the low poly modle and adding baking detail and so on. Another completely different thing is to just plug a high 3d model with a million polygons and call it a day. That is not a mod, that is a disaster. Not even AAA games use high poly models anymore, since a long time ago. If a modder is unable to reduce the poly size keeping the detail, then, he obviously doesnt have enough skills on the 3d app and in modding to make good mods. In ETS, in the moment a truck is heavier than it should, because its not optimized, that mod is going to create drops of fps and other problems. Its a fact, no matter how poerful is your videocard.

  14. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.34

  15. doexpectnothing

    Is that an official Update by

    Because on is still V1 to download available.

  16. fmax/tex/’ with size 89478612
    fmax/tex/’ with size 89478612
    fmax/tex/’ with size 89478612
    fmax/tex/’ with size 89478612
    fmax/tex/’ with size 89478612

    Files aren’t optimized, please use compress!

    1. they are already compressed, what happens is that they are very large textures. Already verify the size of the mod is due to its textures

  17. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, FORD F-MAX V2, ?[1.34]

  18. Truls Henrik

    Æ lika ikke ford

  19. 46falco83


  20. They can be compressed with I’ve opened the files and saved them again DDS/DX/Mipmap = file size around 22MB instead 89MB. They aren’t 8k ( 8192×8192), they are 4096×4096 ( 4K).

    1. confirmed, thanks for the data : )

      1. No problem!

        PS: DX5 ( 5)

  21. confirmed, thanks for the data : )

  22. Hangi konuda olursa olsun en iyi modu Türkler yapar bu mod kanıtıdır ona göre adam olun.

  23. Bertan ve Emre’nin yaptığı Fmax modu da hazırdır ama 1.35 ile paylaşacaklar sanırım. Onların hakkını da verelim unutmayalım mod sitelerini özellikle Scs yi sallayacak kalitede gelecek. Yine söylüyorum scs bizim Türk modcularla çalışsın daha bir ilerleme kaydeder.

  24. Yeni sürümde optimizasyon sorunlarının giderileceğini umuyorum. Kamyon çok kaliteli ancak FPS üzerinde kötü bir etkisi var. İç mekanda bulunan doku dosyalarının çok büyük olmasından kaynaklı olabilir. Maalesef keyifli bir sürüş yapamadım ancak mod bu sorun giderildikten sonra mükemmel olur. Tasarımda neredeyse hiçbir kusur yok.

  25. horribly

  26. Ford logo is missing inside cabin.

    [dds] Incompatible image ‘/fmax/int/tex/’: mipmap presence requires power-of-two

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