Ford F150 Ukraine Skin



DOWNLOAD 0.8 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 0.8 MB [yadi]

5 Responses to Ford F150 Ukraine Skin

  1. Chrome says:

    Russian skin. I am sorry)))

  2. Rolling's says:

    Хохлы – все пидоры продажные отродия…) Ебет эту страну в рот Америка!!!!\

  3. JN says:

    “Ukraine”, “Urkanian”… Any grammar at all here? What makes this so-called skin “Urkanian” except for imagination of whoever happens to be “kirill kuzmin” who can’t even spell his name in the English sort of way? (which would be “Cyrill”, BTW)
    To the rest of the responders I should say this – keep your responses to the ETS2-related issues. Your political views (however correct or not they may appear to you) are not related to the ETS2 topic. Thank you.

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