Ford Fiesta ST 2012

i converted from game GTA san andress
HQ model
window and wipers it work



39 thoughts on “Ford Fiesta ST 2012

  1. Jalapeño boy

    Oh another nice mod! Thanks Yahia

  2. can you make please clio4 rs or seat leon cupra 2019 or seat ateca 2020

  3. ATS Trucker

    Yahia, why are the windows always dark? i mean, whos driving that we are not allowed to see lol?

  4. Maksi Zagreb

    Please Renault Trafic 2018 passenger version

  5. Bro can you please make more electric cars like Kia EV6 and Skoda Enyaq

  6. Also can you make Volvo V70/Volvo S80 in the near future

  7. opel astra g please

  8. Bmw e60????

  9. Ahil Metodiev

    bmw m5 f90 or audi a8 long pls

  10. Hey Yahia. Can you make Fiat Doblo 2021? Greetings from Turkey!

    1. Evet Yahia Enişte Doblosu Güzel Olur +1 Fiat Doblo

      1. +1

  11. Yeah please do 2021 doblo for turkey

  12. yasser_mapper

    can you make the citroen c4 grand piccaso 2007/2011 with a roofbox pls pls

  13. Hakan boybeyi

    ücretli citroen berlıngo 2 2012 model yapar msın
    [email protected]

  14. pls renault 21 or fiat siena 1999

  15. Alexandru alex

    Pls do a Cupra Formentor or a Seat Leon pls

  16. land rover defender 2021 please!

  17. Pls 2003 Volvo S80

  18. pls create a mod of the long version of the Mercedes Sprinter 2021 and make the ETS2 version of this license plate there.pls reply YAHIA ABID pls pls

  19. bmw e65 please

  20. Nice mod, Yahia the next car should be 2023 Mercedes Benz C300, you can convert from City car driving….

  21. can you make a 2023 chevrolet captiva premier

  22. Hi Yahia, I think your mods are not of very good quality, but day by day, you are increasing your quality a little bit, but your mod quality is not as good as nimit mods, I think you should make a mod with it, for example, like BMW i7 or Mercedes E series 2024. Have a nice day.

    1. yahiaabid

      you right bro i know that becouse me i used the blender and him use the zmodeler but i will fix that thanks bro

      1. Pls make 2003 Volvo S80 🙂

  23. salam bro please make a mod for Toyota Fortuner legender.

  24. pls lexus lx570

    1. yahiaabid

      it coming this car

      1. ### thank you so much youre first who heard me

  25. Please make BMW e65

  26. Pls make 2003 Volvo S80 🙂

  27. Motiejus Sutkus

    Can u add mercedes 2014 cls mod pls

  28. Peugeot Rifter 2023 Please 🙁

  29. omerfrkfircaa

    amk yahiası plakayı değiştir ananı yemiyim

  30. Eren Aksakallı Numettin ABİDİN

    yahia abed abi Peugeout Rifter 2023 bu aracı yaparmısınız?

  31. yahiaabed please peugeot rifter

  32. Chrxs Tuning

    Pls do a chevrolet aveo

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