Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra 34gt500


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by: Gambarotto Thank you for making such a nice car and sharing it
with me Gambarotto
I made a slight change to the car , I thought the car would be better
by this And I gave it a style , 🙂 thank you for building and sharing
the car , thanks for your effort by: Gambarotto

This is the BETA version of the mod, contains some bugs, but in the
future they will be fixed
It’s totally free to edit, just keep credits

It is in all the concessionaires

Brake light may cause some lag on some computers

In the mod it contains:
Three engines
Two engine sounds
Metal painting

Any bug report, please
Galery On Daf
-added Changes
glass film
small kit
cobra style
Minor changes
Car model by: Forza Motorsport 3 Conversion by: Gambarotto
secondary Edit: BurakTuna24

BurakTuna24, Gambarotto



13 thoughts on “Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra 34gt500

  1. HD Test 1.26.1

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  3. and the sound is changed as first release wasn’t allowed to use the raptorsound ?

  4. Hey, small children! Why not play with NFS or TDU ?

    1. Hey why not drive real truck? Why people wont understand that this is a simulator that simulates a real world trucking.I dont know if u had been outside of the house but i can promise u there are other cars also on the road besides trucks.I think i made my point here.

      Safe driving and also very nice car !

  5. where the hell is free to edit if you locked it? initial version is indeed free and that is what we are going to use 😉

  6. DeGelderseTrucker

    Hello, can you make a Ford Mustang from 1964?
    My dad have got one and it is really nice.
    Greetings, DeGelderseTrucker

  7. truckdriver


  8. cool

  9. every single shelby gt500 mod fucks up with the game the hole truck just brakes and just flighing around all over the truck like a rollercoaster

  10. flying not flighting xD pls fix this problem in the new version :3 thanks

  11. Password?

  12. CanadianMaps


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