Ford Raptor V2.0


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-Fixed bugs
-corrected mats
-Added In salon GPS
-Added tuning
-New sounds
-Added Rooms , change the number can be replaced teksturku () on your ( car truck update Ford
-Standalone A / C Volvo
Includes template

FH, Elaman, Матроскін

DOWNLOAD 62 MB [sharemods]

32 Responses to Ford Raptor V2.0

  1. mxikuh says:

    What is the password ?

  2. Rene says:


    Look very good but the engine sound isn`t perfect…

  3. GTH says:

    Password ??

  4. xxpinkfloyd92 says:

    Hello Downloaded and bought the truck looks great but then i take for a drive and it shakes like crazy I’m on perfectly good roads and its always shakes? Maybe its because of \new road textures mod\ I have but I don’t know? Help


    • CRS says:

      The shake will not be anymore if you change the wheels. Worked for me

  5. Blattner says:

    The ZIP in Sharemod’s link has password and there is no .scs file anywhere… Can you please verify?

  6. Space Cam says:

    there is no scs file in the folder

  7. JN says:

    Thank you for publishing this, but what’s this zippy-zip-inside-a-zip that would not unpack with either 7-Zip or the Universal Extractor?
    Would you be able to properly re-pack this, please?

  8. LionBuster says:


  9. Melichov_SU says:

    Ford Raptor V2.0

  10. @dr_jaymz says:

    very good model but need a new interior sound (urgent) and some minor changes in the suspension, engine displacement, gearbox and tyres textures… Thanks!

  11. BahamutX says:

    hey man nice but can you make the interior sound and for the guys having trouble extracting part2 just use SCS EXTRACTOR works for me and if you want it to be SCS instead of a zip just add to WinRAR and name what ever you want to call it then click on zip then just change it .SCS at the end of the name you choose. like this Raptor150.scs

  12. Rafael says:

    There is no password: D I do not know where you see the password.
    Works perfectly

  13. Vader says:

    Well done, guys! Go ahead! :))

  14. Tom says:

    can you please make an option in the interiors to have a UK side (steering wheel on the right) ? That would be perfect.

  15. jagobro says:

    how to extract the files, there are no scs file

    • Verbatim says:

      No SCS file here, you can use zip files as well as SCS files in the mod folder.
      It is also possible to change the file extension from zip to scs!
      Just rename the file with scs at the end, it will warn you that the file may become corrupt but it still works the same as it did previously.

      Just put in mod folder and do as with other mods, activate it!
      Cheers modders and uploader.

  16. CRS says:

    The car is ok, drives ok but the sound sucks

  17. KING says:

    all i got is a map no SCS nothing i cant change the name that doesnt work can you yust put it in a scs file ?? someone please help

  18. Clyde51 says:

    Hello, great mod! just one question? ever think of putting a flatbed on the back instead of regular truck bed and putting trailer hitch in center of bed like a 5th wheel? i know some mods that would be fun to pull with this truck!

  19. Darren says:

    I only seem to have the sound on the outside of the raptor, still volvo sound on the inside.

  20. Willy says:

    For those who want a better sound for that truck, I GOT THE ONE FOR YOU!
    I made a mod for the sound only . the engine sound came from a real Ford Raptor.
    Link :
    TIPS : Add “zzz” to the 2 files.
    I gave credits to theses awesome makers!

  21. asiangeek says:

    Can i do job with the car trailers? because before it would always make the truck go up in theair

  22. Farxiyal Ehsan says:

    How to get the wheels in 1.18?

  23. Joe says:

    Is he already confirmed for the 1.8 Version?

  24. Ralph says:

    He says, “Template Included”. You need the password to unzip the files in order to put your own skin on the truck. Why include a template if you can’t open the files for the new paint? And why not just zip up an .SCS file instead of screwing around with files that do NOT unzip? Some modders are great, they just don’t understand how to zip a file… Too bad, it’s a nice truck.

  25. Ollie_lambert__ says:

    Really good mod… but how do i get the wheels?

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