Ford Taunus V1R2 (1.34)

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Fixed glasses
Fixed dealer
Fixed chassis
Fixed gear

trzpro, BKMODS


5 thoughts on “Ford Taunus V1R2 (1.34)

  1. Octavian101

    Nice car mod, it still has a lot of errors that must be fixed but most importantly ### is that horn???

  2. They accept every Waste and #### here. 🙁
    And 99,9% of “Cars” is Skoda based.
    For me it was a big Error to open a Category for Cars in a
    Truck Simulation…

  3. I think the possibility of driving cars enriches the game, but whenever those cars are good mods, well built and adapted, detailed and that maximize the possibilities of the simulator.
    Joachimk, you’re absolutely right when you say this kind of mods are ####. Actually, 98% of all car mods are useless, and each time it are worse. Skoda junk editions, much worse than the original mod, the only thing new are car textures from other games. Driving is horrible and to use them it would be necessary to create a profile for each one
    If you all only know only know how to do #### please don’t do anything else

  4. Wiesniak

    makes the game not load

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