Fortnite MAN Skin

Fortnite MAN E6 Decided to create this for those who love Fortnite

Anthony Perry


9 thoughts on “Fortnite MAN Skin

  1. Cringe

    1. PEZZER24838

      Pic was taken from phone as normal pics wouldt accept There is some people who DO like it you aint got to upload it if you dont want it Simple

  2. What the hell is this?!

    Go play something else….Thank you

    1. If you cannot accept Critic, you must not insult Peoples. 🙁

    2. PEZZER24838

      This was made out of good faith. My kids dont talk to me like this so you keep it shut

  3. JarmoPlayz

    They should ban you and your father should consider an adoption centre for you

    1. Who are you talking to? The man who made the skin or me?

  4. 1.34 ? jó

  5. 1.34 megyen ?

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