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    ive got A a skin all done for a standalone truck(scania t)but dont know how to add it to the truck,HELP



    within an scs compression file set at stored
    def/vehicle/truck/scania.t(or whatever the truck def name is)/paint_job(…)/sii file
    it should look somthing like



    accessory_paint_job_data : stlcp310.scania.t.paint_job

    name: “White Longline”

    price: 1000
    unlock: 1

    icon: “paintjob_stlcp310”

    airbrush : true
    base_color : (100, 100, 100)

    paint_job_mask: “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/paintjob/paintjob_stlcp310.tobj”

    suitable_for[]: “longline.scania.t.cabin”

    stock: true



    material/ui/accessory/ your mat. tobj. and dds files

    vehicle/truck/upgrade/paintjob and backlights
    backlights/ textrues and materials
    materials/ mat file
    texture/ tobj and dds
    paintjob/ tobj and dds

    is that all is to confusing use ets2 studio that has an extractor programmed in with it.



    if you still have a problem adding skin. let me know and ill get it working for ya.

    im working on a skin of my own right now heres a pic.[W.I.P.]
    Scaina T Cab Norfolk Southern Skin

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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