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    Hi, I’ve certainly got to grips with how mods work, but I want to know if anyone knows of any mods that can:

    1) I have a Volvo with the Globetrotter XL chassis, and apparently there is a mod that will illuminate this sign. I tried a mod that claimed to do it, but it didn’t light up (I tried all of the headlight modes)

    2) Volvo Tuning mod. I found a great mod with loads of gearboxes (even 6 and 14 shift gear boxes), but I’ve seen some really great looking trucks which have definitely been altered with a mod. I’m particularly interested in one that adds customization to the interior, and also the back of the truck

    3) Any Graphics/Lights mods? I have a witermod, and in the readme it mentioned it changed the lighting effects, which I really really love. Unfortunately, this lighting is part of the witermod, so when I go back normal, I’ll lose the headlight and street lamp shine. Any suggestions?

    4) AI Improvement, both in aesthetic (more variety), and in behavior.

    Appreciate all replies, thanks for your time 🙂


    Lost all my Al trucks any mod I can use or something else to get them back

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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