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    Hello evryone!

    I’m a big beacon fan.

    So i’m wondering if someone can, and want to make realistic looking orange led beacons and beacon bars, that flash bright. Like real brands.
    I would like to have the bars in 3 differend sizes: Small (Mini), Medium (Normal) and Large (Wide).
    in clear and colored glass, but both flashing orange.
    And if it’s possible, with differend flash patterns.
    it also would be great if they all are going to be available for the special beacon bar slot, and any other slot on bars and the outside of trucks.

    Some beacons I like:

    1. Axixtech – B16
    2. LAP – low profile

    Beacon bars:
    1. Axixtech – Diamondback (Only mini)
    2. Axixtech – Aegis FIT
    3. Britax – R65
    4. Britax – A550 Serie
    5. Britax – Slimline Aerolite

    I got the Axixtech, Britax and LAP beacons from:
    1. (Beacons)
    2. (Mini beacon bars)
    3. (Beacon bars)

    Some ideas for flashing patterns, and maybe some other beacons:
    Go to: Rotating beacons and optical warning systems, Municipal vehicle. And try all vehicles.
    Also try the OWS 7 configurator, you can find it at: Navigator, Additional tools and Web sites.

    I have no idea of this is all possible, but i’ll see what you guys can tell about it.

    Thanks, David.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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