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    Hey guys, so I made a skin from scratch and then used ETS Studio to compile it. Once I uploaded it into the game, and went to the dealership and try to custom configure my truck… the skin isn’t there. However just being persistent I bought the basic truck and then went to a repair shop and tried to paint it and it worked, my skin was there.

    How can i fix this issue so that the skin actually also shows up in custom configuration of the truck? because I want to start creating skins and I think thats an important aspect of it.

    Thanks for all the help.
    Appreciate it.


    open your .scs file

    go to the def folder all the way to the .sii file open it,
    edit it so you can see all at a normal way and check what’s written at : “Suitable for[]:”
    it probably says normal or highline or topline depends on what you made you should add the extension for the cabin so it would say for example scania r2009 : normal.scania.r.cabin
    after you did that try again and see if it helped 😀



    Thanks for your help. So i compiled the file using ETS Studio, as i mentioned. When I go to extract the scs file, with the scs extractor, it doesn’t work. Doesn’t produce the sub folders like its suppose to.

    Is there any setting changes I can make in ETS Studio it self, so that when the file is compiled it has that included already?



    well just select the file and click “7zip” after that select open archive and then you can see everything

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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