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    Hi guys, still new to modding, and only do it for personal use. I have two mods which are edit me mods where they have given you all the defs, manifests, templates, automats, etc to edit yourself to make skins for Scania Next Gen S & R and skins for Krone Trailers and SCS trailers. Basically I can do it so I can get one full set of skins, but like I have 3 lorries in my company and wanted to name the lorries for each driver. I tried doing this just by copying the whole folder twice and changing the name on their trucks and changing the manifest, description, pics, prices, unlock level, etc and then do the usual and create them as a .scs file and put them in my mod folder and onto the game. But they don’t show up in the paint shop, but each one will show up if put it higher up a priority as a mod. What am I doing wrong??? It’s the same with the trailers too. But they’re a .zip folder.

    Many thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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