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    Hey! You looking for a simple mod to make that could change the potensial of another mod? Here’s the shot for you!
    All the mod is required is; add more “light slots” or bullbars with slots or custom bumper slots for lights such as the yellow fog light etc. I do not request you to make any custom lights yourself, I only ask you to make slots for lights already implemented in the game or added by mods.
    The Ohaha Daf Euro 6 is missing alot. But, if you know your way in the mod system this should not be that hard for you. Unfortunatly I have no skills within software modding, I only do skinning for requests or personal use.

    Pictures of what I mean:
    In the small circles you add lights. (Original lights created by Scs or mods)
    Same as the one above, you add your own lights on the different spots. (Original Scs lights or modded lights)
    Add your own lights in each invidual spot. (Add original scs lights or mods)
    This does not have to be an added mod for Daf Euro 6 Ohaha mod. If it is easier for you, you can make the slots for the original Daf Euro 6 created by Scs.
    It should not have been to much. Thank you for reading and good luck. If you manage to start on this or finish it, please contact me.
    Regards, Beamz.

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