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    Hello, Harnor here, have installed some of the mods but i can play for like 30 min or so before the game crashes, and i dont know why, is there anny posabilaty that one of the mods dont work as it should?


    You have a bad mod. The only way I now to avoid it is after I would add a new mod, I would run a load. And if no problems then your in the clear. When I first found out about mods I went nuts and went download crazy and slammed about 12 mods on needless to say I couldn’t play longer than 30 min before it would crash. So I deleted them all and put them back on 1 by 1. And I found a few bugs. Key is does the download with your version your playing with . As in mine 1.3.1


    Also some mods need to be put in a specific loading order, how you can change that is just by changing the name of the mod (for example add a “z” in front of the mod name)

    Are you by any chance using the TSM map and/or trailer mod, cause then you need to change the memory pool


    Hi Harnor. I had issues with the game constantly crashing due to error codes mainly violation exception codes, try re-fitting your memory cards after a gentle clean of the contact pins on the cards and the seat where they fit. It worked for me. Hope this helps. Check your game crash log for error codes you should find code C0000005 or C0000025. Or something similar…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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