How to skin a modded truck not in ets2 game?

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    Hi…I’m wanting to learn how to do truck skinning and have learned a little. I want to learn how to skin a truck mod that is not in the ETS2 game. Most of the videos and tutorials that i have come across only explains it that way I have all the programs to start. I just need a good tutorial video or step by step page that i can use to learn to do it. I have spent a lot of time trying to learn. Thanks in advance if you could help!!!


    Im the same as you have ets studio photoshop i can skin trucks and trailers in the game and use templates i downloaded but would like to know eg when i use a template say for the kenworth k100 then design the paint job in photoshop save as png convert to dds and then open ets studio obviousley the kw isnt listed so do i just say choose a daf truck if i buy the truck from the daf dealer. Or do i need to do it another way ive done many skins in past for people on trailers n trucks but not posted any for awhile has been


    IOm gunna try help you guys lol. Im a noob at this to,
    Il do this in steps

    1. Download the truck you desire.. extract the scs filre
    2. Now open ETS 2 studio
    3. Go to the options menu under the wrench, and select Truck Database
    4. Choose Add Truck, then load from Mod.
    5. Select the SCS file and your all good to go 🙂


    we would still need the template though i guess if its for a truck thats not standard in game ?
    thanks for reply ad23

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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