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    Hi guys, I know that here is not the right place to ask for help, I have already sent you a mod for a Scania T, could you help me, I know you know many modelers, I really need some help to complete a mod , then step on all your website unique, because everyone asks me, and I’m almost 95% approval … like change the colors of the lights, leds in headlights in ets 2 ? …. please … I do some mods, I need to change the color of an LED which is orange to blue … I have Blender and Zmodeler …. thank you in advance.



    I dont have 3d modeling but you mix RGB, but you probbably already know that, and need someone with experience


    Jfix Hello, thanks for the response. I work with designer over 15 years, RGB know well, ETS2 and textures for some mods, I’m modeling and finishing an Optimus Prime, tried everything to change the colors of leds and can not, no way .. ..researched everything in place, from youtube, forums and some friends who also model, but without success, if you know of someone who knows how to change colors of lights and leds please indicate me … I’ll leave my email below .. I will also leave a picture of Optimus Prime I’m ending …. thank you and sorry my English.

    [email protected]


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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