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    A little “foreplay” before we’ll start!:)…
    Because I like so much to drive in real life only cars and now also in this game and because I don’t have time to talk about car / AI traffic mods on each car / AI mod, I decided to start this topic.
    Also, as I said before, because I’m a legal counselor, I’ll never upload any of my mods without written permission from SCS Software (even if I used only their models to make my mods for share). I understand their legal point for that and I’ll respect their (silent) decision!
    So, this topic will contain talk and my free (always) modest advices (from my modest experience in blender and making mods for myself) ONLY about car mods and AI traffic mods, with only one amendment: use any of my advices ONLY for your personal use and NEVER use any of my advices to modify, rework, build AND THEN SHARE in public domain or private any others (owners) people works, without their (owners) written permission!
    So, if there are any interest in this topic, let’s start to learn together how to improve car mods / AI traffic situations and like this to make this game more closer to real life driving. ;)… Just ask me, and if I’ll know the answer, without breaking any copyright laws, I’ll be glad to help you. For, instance, it took me an year till I discovered how to make my own trailers for cars (especially animated ones with aquariums – I like exotic fishes) and passenger mods. So, for those who’ll wanna learn how to do this from scratch for their personal use, I’ll be glad to answer to your questions and share with you my modest experience…

    All my modest advices will be always for free and all of them must be used only for your personal use! 😉

    Good luck to all and never forget two important things: ALWAYS RESPECT the owners copyright rights and also, always DRIVE SAFE, especially in real life!;)…


    I made a comment on excellent mod for cars, made by Bas Damen, “Only standalone trailers v2”:


    and I’ll post it also here because it’s very useful for beginner moders:

    A little tip (for all of you): when you make your own mods. After you made your own mods, just follow my two below steps, to be sure they’ll work properly:

    1. First step:
    Just test your mod on a new game profile, without any other mods enabled!
    For instance, when I test my mods, I keep only a mod made by me with only two modified values from the game_data.sii: “camera_limits” (min and max, to be able to see also my big map) and “truck_damage” and “trailer_damage”(zero value for both, to be able to move anywhere on map, if it’s necessary, without any damage).
    So, test your mod and check if there is any error in log file (you can also enable in “config”:
    uset g_developer “1”
    uset g_minicon “1”
    uset g_console “1”
    to see the errors during the play/test.
    Fix all errors before you’ll go to step 2, otherwise we’ll be much harder to see what’s wrong with that mod!;)…

    2. Second step:
    If there is no error during the play and in log file (first step), then go to an used profile (where you already played a little and you have other mods enabled) and test it also there to see if there is no conflict with another mod!;)… If there is no error, you’re good to go!
    But, if there is an error / crash, but not showing in log file, then and you’ll need to uncheck all mods, without yours, of course, and then enable step by step each mod till you’ll discover the conflict / error.
    I think there is a method for “game.log” to record entire log lines (and like this to see from beginning which error causes your crash / conflict, without checking each mod one by one), but I don’t know which one it’s that (in command line “~”).

    Like this, if you’ll follow those two steps from above, anytime you’ll make a new mod you’ll have no issues with your mods!;)…

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