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    I hope it’s okay to ask this question here, have just started play ETS2 one week ago. my first truck i save up to was
    Scania Streamline highliner R380 with
    chassis: 6×2 taglift
    Engine: DCR 18 380 Euro 5
    Gear: GRS 905R
    everything was going fine, i can many time do advance cubling first time, and pretty good backing the trailer in.
    but today i have save money to upgrade. so i went for the
    Scania S normal roof
    Chassis: 6×2 long taglift
    Engine: DV 13 155 500 euro 6
    Gear: GRS 905R

    but now i can do advanced cubling and never able to back the trailer in first time, have to use many tries, is like the is very slow to turn so you can not correct in time, i dont know much about truck, have i made error in setting up the new truck or it’s just different in that way. i dont know much about trucks.
    i spend almost all my money on the switch, hope someone can help ?




    lift up the tag axle by pressing the u key. maybe that will help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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