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    hi everyone,

    i use this trailer lamberet SR2
    it comes whit this mod
    but the problem is, that its only going from NL to ENG and some time’s FR but i whant it to go
    to Scandanaviƫ DLC.
    its seems that it has someting to doe whit .sii files but i don’t have a idea how it works.
    so my qwestion is. is there someting to do about it if yes would some body please help my.

    (srry for my bad english)
    best regards,

    P.S.:i know what the problem is the files need to be change for more company’s
    is there some one that can change it for me to more Scandanavia DLC company’s ( and promods)
    i did try it my self but im complete stuck.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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