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    Hi. I have a little problem, and hope any can help me.

    I want to change the buying price for the trucks in the game, but anything I try, result in a error in the log.
    I’ve extracted the def.scs, and change prices at the trucks chassis 4×2.sii and 6×2.sii.
    After that, I repack it with Winrar, choice Store, and finished with rename to scs.

    I activate the mod in the profile, and check the truck. Nothing changed.
    Then check the log, and it give me an error, and the mod can not be loaded.

    What to do to fix that?


    It’s strange… Personally, I work only with 7-Zip, because it’s free and I had no problem with it. I had no problem with WinRar when I used it (along time ago, almost 2 years, since I start to learn from scratch how to make mods ONLY for myself; without written permission from SCS Software, I’ll NEVER EVER share in public domain or in private my mods! And, till now, they never answered to my e-mails and they’ll never will, I’m sure!:)… )… If I remember correct, WinRar have more options to compress the files and maybe you chose the wrong one…. If you’ll choose STORE and the end will be “.scs” and you don’t change the other options in WinRar, theoretically, you should have no problem with your mod. Of course, ONLY if your definition / model are correct and doesn’t have any issues. ;)… Always read and interpret in your log file the errors and warnings. ;)… Those errors / warnings will tell you everything about what it’s wrong with that mod (wrong / bad definition, missing materials, bad model etc)…
    For instance, the single problem that I had it with 7-Zip was when I tried to drag and drop the “.ogv” files into my mods. The game refused to read the “uncompresed” files. So the 7-Zip, with drag and drop, even if the Store compression was enabled, failed to compressed those all audio / video (“.ogv”) files. So, to fix this, I must unzip my mod, then drag and drop the “.ogv” and only then zip it again. Like this, works flawlessly and no error in log file!;)… With WinRar, I had no problem with this: I can always drag and drop the “.ogv” inside the archive and I have no error in log file!;)… But, because it’s not free, I prefer to use 7-Zip (even if I’ll spend a few seconds more to unzip and zip again my mods if I’ll add / overwrite any “.ogv” file)…
    Good luck and drive safe, especially in real life!;)…


    I couldn’t have said anything better myself, personally I prefer 7-Zip because I have been using it for many years and have tried WinRar and WinZip on other’s computers to no avail. If the problem still persists, feel free to E-Mail me on: [email protected]. I would suggest to change / try 7-Zip before E-Mailing me though



    Sorry, forgot this thread…

    I have found the solution. After changed the prices, I packed it to rar and renamed to scs. But if I packed to zip instead of rar and then renamed, it worked. So no I have new prices of all trucks. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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