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    Hi everyone! I’ve downloaded the skins:,
    copied the .scs files into “Mod” Folder in My Documents and Enabled them in the game, but nothing happened – I can’t see the skins in the Service. Can someone please tell me am I doing something wrong or there is a problem with these skins? I use some other mods for Skins an the are working properly.
    I play ETS2 – Going East v1.8.2.5s via Steam.


    it could colide with a other skin that you use….
    turn off all skins..and start to test them one by one
    on one point you shall see that one skin is using the same spot as the one you want.
    i hope this helps…


    Thank you, I’ve tried your way but nothing happened again. They still don’t work.


    The problem is that you have the wrong roof. I downloaded the first skin you mentioned and had the same problem. For that skin (and most of the other skins I’ve come across) to work, you need the Globetrotter XL Cabin, then the paint will appear (it is right at the top of the list). If you have a mod for sideskirts, the author has included them in the repaint, but by default the truck won’t have sideskirts. Remember you still need to apply the paint in the shop for the mod to work.

    Hope I helped.


    Thank you so much – with the XL Cabin there is no problem with the mods. I didn’t knew about the reference between the cabin and the mods. Thanks again.
    Best wishes!


    please help me how can i able to use this, im using same truck and running 1.7.0 version is it compatible with it? i have the same problem like andrei


    Well first add the mod to ets 2 mod folder ( I guess you knew that) Than when you start ets 2 choose one profile and press on edit … and activate the mod

    If you have other skins activated than it wont work….

    Sometime skin mods are not working at all but im not sure why 🙁

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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