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    Hey guys I don’t have anything on my laptop to make my own Scania truck skin and was wondering if anyone who has anything to make one will perhaps make a skin for me. IT MIGHT BE HARD DEPENDING ON YOUR SKILL

    The skin details
    The bottom portion carbon fiber and the upper part of it sort of a racing theme but no numbers or any odd colors like bright pink purple orange yellow etc. my favorite colors range from black to matte white and matte black mixed with gloss lavender purple so please if you can make this skin please let me know I will be appreciative for it thank you.

    if you can I would prefer this a sticker bombed skin id be like sh** and get it instantly (I’d prefer this) (the whole truck sticker bombed)(wheels matte black)

    if you don’t know what sticker bomb is go to and type in sticker bomb thank you.

    If you sill don’t under stand what STICKER BOMB is it is excessive sticker job its almost self-explanatory.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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