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    I am developing a tool for making mods for SCS Truck Sims. I have a working beta that can be downloaded for testing, fully functional most of the bugs are worked out but I need more people to test it to make sure.

    Features right now:
    Extract base, def, and dlc from within the app.
    Extract any community mod from within the app.
    Work on a mod then make the scs file and copy it to the game mod folder.
    Edit any mod file, using your tools right now. ver 0.8.2 has all the tools except the dds editor in the application.
    Create the new mod folders and import files and folders into it.
    Presets for Mods so you are only one click away from editing.

    and more..

    Check out and go to the Info forum and then click on the help file for details.

    If you think that you want to help down load the 0.8.1 ver and please post any issues that you find and suggestions too.

    DieHard -> tony

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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