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    Hi guys,

    When using ETS Studio, and exporting my mod to the “mod” folder of ets2, I get the skin to show once, but then it refuses to show if I change the “Truck Skin Image”.

    My settings are as follows:

    Base Truck: 2009 Scania R,
    Skin Name: Pyro Logistics
    Internal Name: plskin
    Unlock at: 0
    Skin Price: 1000
    Skin Stock : No
    Suitable Cabins: 1 out of 3
    Base color: &000000
    Type: Airbrush

    I then give it a default “Workshop Icon” save and export the mod giving it the name “Plskin.scs” load the game and enable the mod in “profile edit”.

    Here’s the thing, It’ll work once and I can see it and select it. But, if I change something on the skin in photoshop and re-load the image in ETS2 Studio, re-export it and re-load it in ETS2, I can no longer see the skin.

    Any ideas?


    oh and I’m running ETS2 1.11


    You should not change the skin


    Be sure to save the skin correctly….in BMP first, then DDS5……you know……

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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