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    Hi all,

    I play ETS2 for quite some time now, but I’m using the keyboard only.
    This way I miss a lot of fun in gameplay (shifting etc. is rather undoable with the keyboard when you also have to steer and look at the mirrors).
    So I went looking on the net for a steering wheel and came across the ThrustMaster T500 RS GT and the Logitech G27.
    Both look real good but are also rather expensive.

    Can anyone of you guys tell me if they are really good for playing ETS2 and if there are any other good (more cheap) steeringwheels.

    Thanks in advance,


    i think Logitech Driving Force GT is not too bad to try.
    so, why you dont try it?.

    sorry for my bad english:D


    i am using that wheel. not bad.

    my settup:

    steering sensivity slider all to the left
    non linearity slider all to the right
    force feedback all sliders in the center – engine feedback 1/4 – terrain feedback 1/4
    steering dead zones slider all to the left
    acceleration and brake axis make sure they are on inverted.

    i hope it helps u, maybe u tweak and tell me if u find a better setting.


    Hi I have thrustmaster f430 ffb and the Logitech g27 the thrustmaster is good in all respects apart from you just have accelarater pedal and brake the shifts are on the wheel it self I found it good wheel to use it cost around £70-80 uk pounds 12 months ago I have the Logitech g27 with the h shift ok it’d expensive at£270 uk pounds but is excellent wheel for this game it’s very precise steering the feed back is good and the pedals are good I have the 2 wheels as I love driving games and sims if you can get logitech I’d go for that if not try the thrustmaster but you get what you pay for you could use thrustmaster as stepping stone if your serious about driving games etc


    Logitech G27 is very much all the money worth i use it and never felt so good playing a driving game ever!! so altho its alot of money its also very much worth the money and will give a amazing gaming expienence 🙂


    Logitech is the best you can get i guess (So far) i recomend g27 i have been playin with g27 and it is VERY GOOD.

    It has everything for perfect simulation.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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