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    Which is one is better and why is it better


    volvo best in real life scania is better cause it is (go to da squirels nuts)


    Its all personal preference. Its what ever you enjoy driving. I personally like Volvo and scaina equally.


    Why do you want to know? For amusement? Cause it really comes down to the euip ment matching the job to be done.
    Aside from totally custom I would think scania is better becuause they tend to sacrifice less in the name of power while euro volvo has pushed their engines to higher power sacrificing longevity.
    Of course I could be totally wrong.


    just to re join the deiscution i like scania i dont know why but some of the premium skins for the volvo like the zebra are uterly amazing but wont work on the scania



    One of the things I like about the scania is the way the do their windows, sweedish futurist style and when done right on a truck its pretty badass. What i like about the fh2012 is the way the redid the look of the truck so that it look sleeker.


    In my opinion performance wise both trucks are great. I love Scania more but Volvo i still love


    i do prefer volvo because the design is awesome, the engines are powerfuls and the interiors are quite nice than others


    I personally like Scania better overall, but Volvo’s interior (especially the steering wheel) actually looks better in my opinion, although the Scania S interior does look quite damn good.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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