Foton Auman ETX

Foton Auman ETX (3) Foton Auman ETX (2) Foton Auman ETX (1)

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– Three types of chassis
– Four engine
– Painted
– Tuning native

Version: 1.19

Authors: Thalken, revision Vlad5236


13 Responses to Foton Auman ETX

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video

  2. Anatoli says:

    At last a good chinese truck! Thank you, Thalken&Vlad5236. And now we’re waiting a good map of China. (China + russian Far East)

  3. bryan says:

    dealer please ??

  4. SiminatorzST says:

    HD truck review

  5. Thalken says:

    Wow,great work,can’t belive my truck had been update like this,tks you Vlad.

    • alireza says:

      nice please make a high quality dong feng T375 for 1.19x

  6. ShuqGrind says:

    Hey LionBuster,don’t be a sexist. Doesn’t mean a woman can’t drive heavy vehicles at all. Nowadays quite more than a dozen women are driving big rigs,and I’m grateful for that. What’s wrong with you?

  7. iqbal says:

    iam crash for 1.25 version

  8. Kei says:

    please update in 1.27.2 version!

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