FPS Increase 2.2 FINAL for 1.19


FPS Increase 2.2 FINAL for 1.19.xx (Tested on
This mod improve your performance and gain some FPS

Changelog 2.2
-Fixed few things
-More fps gain with fresh new settings (new you can gain 80fps without losing too much on graphic but all is depend of computer)

There is my specs and with this i play ETS2 and like you can see graphic is not bad for that computer but i gain 80fps on highways and in city i gain more than 60fps
Intel Pentium Dual Core 2×2.00GHz + 4gb ram + Ati Radeon HD 6470M 1gb



9 Responses to FPS Increase 2.2 FINAL for 1.19

  1. Dropshot[NL] says:

    Really big thanks for your mod!!!

    It gave me so much more fun to play ETS2 on better graphics!

  2. skism13 says:

    After this update does not work headlights.. What could I can do?

  3. fischi says:

    very big thank you it works beautiful đŸ™‚

  4. jefferson says:

    headlights does not work….

  5. BLiNKT says:

    Lights not work because i make it off because lights decrease fps and if you not see when you have lights off your fps is better than with lights on!i will make new update with lights on but when ets2 v1.20 coming out for now is this latest version for 1.19

    • carlos says:

      no lights? so you can only drive during the daylight time? or you get fines for not having the lights on? sorry but that is just plain stupid, no need to disable own lights to have decent fps, keeping lights for a short range is ok, but full disabled is just idiotic, imo

      • BLiNKT says:

        No you not get fines for lights because lights is on but not visible on roads and for now you gain more fps if lights off because if i reduce range than this not help anything because lights is still ON and visible in my case i hate night driving and i drive only when is day…I know you guys need lights but lights decrease fps full i have plan make new update of mod with lights but than not be possible gain too much fps

  6. JohnLap43 says:

    if you do not put the no lights in country scs file will you have lights?

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