FPS Increase v 2.1 Final One for 1.19.xx

FPS Increase

This mod improve your performance and give you more fps

Working on all 1.19 but this one is tested on do not use on old versions of game

Please read INSTRUCTIONS before do anything

This is latest version for 1.19 next one coming when come out 1.20

You can help me on this project if you want and together make mod better and make more fps

Version 2.1:
– Reduced mirror scale
– Reduced water fov
– Reduced rain reflection
– Reduced grass density
– Disabled console
– Disabled radio
– Disabled steam browser
– Disabled steam screenshots
– Disabled rich presence
– Increased tooltip delay
– Added SCS Mods
– Few small changes

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Author: BLiNKT


One Response to FPS Increase v 2.1 Final One for 1.19.xx

  1. c says:

    Hello when i put the config file the game will not start on 1.19

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