FPS Increase v 2.6.7


1.Adapted for 1.24.x
2.Small changes in all configs
3.Added Temp File Deleter
4.Added UnParkCPU

Options for MID-END PC or LOW-MID PC or LOW PC

Read instructions before do anything…do not cry if something not work for you if you not read instructions

Author: BLiNKT


2 thoughts on “FPS Increase v 2.6.7

  1. Luuk van Eden

    Helo BLiNKT,
    I like your mod pretty much! but an you fix the lights? i wanna see the lights on the ground others i cant ride at night

  2. hi ive been using this for ages and now ive installed the windows 10 anniversery update my game escape menu and truck customisation menu lags like the mouse has a delay and its hard to press save or drive and it is worse when buying and customizing the truck it is definetley the config because when i use the normal scs one it doesnt lag what could cause this ? and thankyou so much for making this 🙂

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