FPS Increase v 2.6.7


1.Adapted for 1.24.x
2.Small changes in all configs
3.Added Temp File Deleter
4.Added UnParkCPU

Options for MID-END PC or LOW-MID PC or LOW PC

Read instructions before do anything…do not cry if something not work for you if you not read instructions

Author: BLiNKT


2 Responses to FPS Increase v 2.6.7

  1. Luuk van Eden says:

    Helo BLiNKT,
    I like your mod pretty much! but an you fix the lights? i wanna see the lights on the ground others i cant ride at night

  2. Lewis K says:

    hi ive been using this for ages and now ive installed the windows 10 anniversery update my game escape menu and truck customisation menu lags like the mouse has a delay and its hard to press save or drive and it is worse when buying and customizing the truck it is definetley the config because when i use the normal scs one it doesnt lag what could cause this ? and thankyou so much for making this đŸ™‚

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